Friday, October 8, 2010

Moodle for Teachers and Moodle's Dynamic Dimensions

As I have reflected, and more succinctly, incubated with my reflections these past few weeks, I have come to more fully realize and appreciate what an amazing and rare opportunity this has been. Those of us in the Moodle for Teachers Workshops have had the opportunity to accumulate and articulate a wealth of tips, techniques and tintinnabulations of blended learning methodologies.

From my personal perspective, I have accumulated unrivaled riches in the collaborations and connections that evolved throughout the three month learning journey. Social constructivism is alive and thriving in this community of learning facilitators and learners ... beyond the Moodle constructivist learning platform.

A wealth of research and application resources are contained in one compendium (glossary) that also includes explicit how-to videos, discussions and hands-on explorations ... at no cost to the curious and creative consumer. The list is growing daily as Alumni continue their collaborations and research journeys and contribute their findings for all to add to their own compendiums.

A team of amazingly patient and supportive facilitators have made the often frustrating learning journey a joyful and fun challenge. Their encouraging applause as we reached our goals helped us to reach ever further in our quests for learning new techniques and technologies.

My heartfelt thanks to all of the facilitators and colleagues who joined the journey ... while we have reached most of our immediate and current goals, journey has only just begun and the creative collaborations and contributions continue into the future ...