Thursday, September 9, 2010

Regression for Progress as a Learning Endeavor

Progress in Play: Glen made the beautiful colored cubes; Sam made the comfortable chair to sit in; we engaged in SL Sandbox  play and found so much more than we anticipated.  We laughed and learned ~ Ludmila, Carol, Silvia

See Sam's Chair; listen to and watch Carol and Silvia's book review in  Second Life
Have I mentioned that learning can be, yea, should be fun? Have I mentioned that as children we learned so much while having fun at play? Have I ... well, yes ... and rather than repeat the joy of learning in mere words, I have pictures ... from a few fun days of play in Second Life.  Thanks to Glen Gatin's masterful guided tours  in SL we have been able to present some Moodle Moments in the SL Sandbox associated with Glen's education enterprise through Conviviality Corners (love the moniker)
Glen, Ludmila, Carol, Magda, Sam and Silvia of M4T-A via IT4ALL in Second Life

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